Former Cabinet Remainer stalwart.  Sacked by Boris Johnson.  Deprived at one point of the whip – Greg Clark, now Chair of the Science and Technology Committee, owes the Prime Minister no favours.

Some of his co-chairmen at today’s Liaison Committee meeting grandstood about Dominic Cummings (Yvette Cooper, for example).  Others stuck to their brief (such as our columnist Robert Halfon, the Chair of the Education Select Committee).

Clark found a way of raising the Cummings affair without mentioning Johnson’s adviser at all.  While at the same time raising am important Coronavirus policy question.

Watch the video and you will see him press the Prime Minister closely about whether those quarantined (in effect) under the coming test and trace system must stay at home throughout. The last is obviously central to the success of testing and tracing.

Under repeated questioning, an uncomfortable Johnson says that the Government will consider bringing in financial sanctions if people break quarantine.  See what Clark just did there?