Earlier this week the Liberal Democrats voted against equally-sized constituency boundaries. The Daily Mail's Tim Shipman speculated at how Conservatives might get their revenge:

"Under plans being sent to Chairman Grant Shapps, Tory MPs want more Lib Dem seats to be added to the Tory hitlist of target seats. This plan dubbed ‘the Ashcroft strategy’ after the peer who funded the Tories’ target seats initiative before, would see rich donors asked to cough up to fuel their personal animus against individual Lib Dems. Mr Shapps has drawn up a list of 40 seats the Tories need to win a healthy majority – 20 of which are Lib Dem seats. But a well-placed source said: ‘The talk now is that we increase that to 30 or 35. Make them pay. It’s pretty hard getting donors to cough up to run photocopiers at Millbank [Tory HQ] but they would be more than happy to fund a campaign to oust some more of these b******s.’"

In last night's Today in Parliament programme Mark d'Arcy talked to Tory MPs Michael Fabricant, Rob Wilson and Sir Paul Beresford about Lib/Con relations after the vote. Sir Paul said revenge would come but he will be patient for it and it will be all the more sweet for waiting.