Here is Policy Exchange’s statement:

“James will be responsible for managing the research team, ensuring that PX’s products continue to be high quality and influential.

  • He has very broad experience, combining interest in policymaking, strategy and communications.
  • He recently authored a book on public opinion – Meet the People – and is known to have a relentless focus on politics as it affects the everyday lives of ordinary voters.
  • He has just returned to the UK from New York, where he lived and worked for the last couple of years. He worked as Director of Communications at the Department for Education between 2011 and 2012, and before that for various communications agencies, think tanks and campaigns in London. He was Campaign Director for the successful North East Says No campaign against the proposed Regional Assembly in 2004.”

This is terrific news for the think-tank.  Frayne’s role will clearly involve giving Policy Exchange’s output sharper strategic shape and even more media impact.

Have a look at that last detail if you’ve questions about his ability (or simply don’t know who he is).  Frayne played a big part in stopping Labour’s wretched regional assemblies project.

That’s a service to the nation already – even before one touches on his role at the Education Department during a key reforming period.

Declaration of interest: I’ve known Frayne for the best part of ten years, and rate him highly (for what it’s worth), as readers can see.