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As George Osborne struggles to bring Britain's budget deficit under control the TaxPayers' Alliance have identified four extra savings that the public would support:

Matthew Sinclair, Director of the TaxPayers' Alliance, said:

"The public support alternatives that would blunt the need for some particularly painful measures and make room for lower taxes. There is strong support for cutting expensive projects like high speed rail, which they don’t see as the right use of their cash. And they would happily freeze international development, a change they rightly think is compatible with still helping the world’s poorest.”

He also said that it was vital to cut public subsidy of the trade union movement at a time when they are planning massive disruption.

“There is no way taxpayers' money should be supporting thousands of trade union activists who are planning strikes and fighting very necessary cuts to public spending. The unions' actions will disrupt the services they claim to want to protect and make it harder to get government borrowing under control. If someone is working for a union, they should be paid by them.”

More information about at the TPA poll here.

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