Why the local election results are unlikely to persuade Conservative MPs that a leadership challenge to Johnson should take place now

Paul Goodman

“The Tories don’t seem to have done badly enough and Labour well enough to convince them that their own prospects for 2024 are doomed.”

Reviving Right to Buy for social housing leaves private tenants out in the cold

Henry Hill

“It’s not bad policy, but it isn’t obvious why one group is deserving of so much more support than the other.”

Sunak has no easy options for dealing with stagflation – but unfunded tax cuts would be a mistake

William Atkinson

“The Chancellor deserves credit for predicting inflation early on. Unfortunately, that is equivalent to being the first on the Titanic to spot the iceberg.”

How the United Kingdom is leading the international struggle for freedom

Ben Everitt MP

“Where China has clients, Britain has partners; where Russia has proxies, we have friends.”

Before polling day, a reminder of the good this Government has done

Robert Halfon MP

“Also: a windfall tax is an appropriate response to the cost-of-living crisis; banning supermarket deals is not.”

When it comes to North Sea oil, we’d be better off leaving the politics out

Sanjoy Sen

“There are several different revenue models, but the best avoid knee-jerk levies in favour of long-term surety.”

Brexit’s legacy, the Northern Ireland Protocol, small boats – and Britain’s tense relationship with Macron

Stephen Booth 

“Both countries look set to continue to rub along uneasily, mixing elements of cooperation and competition along the way.”

Bullying, sexual misconduct, and harassment at Westminster. There’s less evidence for all three than you may think.

Paul Goodman

“Few seem to have read what the Independent Complaints and Grievance Scheme is actually reporting.”

Why are we so obsessed with America’s abortion debate?

William Atkinson 

“Orwell once claimed the English intelligentsia “take their cookery from Paris and their opinions from Moscow.” We can now swap the latter for Washington.”

Beergate’. Is the Conservative counter-attack on Starmer finally cutting through?

Henry Hill

“If ‘one rule for them’ seems to apply to both Government and Opposition, politics as a whole will suffer.”