Frost should stand for election and become an MP 

Paul Goodman

“Though it’s hard to see how he can find a seat before the next general election – given the hazardous nature of by-elections.”

The elections and the Protocol. A United Ireland is no nearer, but Northern Ireland is more unstable. 

Henry Hill

“It is worth remembering that the current backlash would be much worse had the Government not subsequently acted to unilaterally extend ‘grace periods’”

The Queen’s Speech. A case of style over substance – and there wasn’t even much style.

William Atkinson

“Despite being stuffed with bills, the Government’s agenda looked confused, with not enough effort made to address the cost-of-living crisis and stagflation.”

Russia, Britain, and human rights. Putin has contempt for international law. And we should not be careless with it.

Robert Buckland MP

“Proposals that define Convention rights in ways other than the Court determines send the wrong message.”

Driving out dirty money is good for business, good for Britain, and good for the world

Kevin Hollinrake MP

“The new Economic Crime Manifesto, launched today, details how this country can once again lead the global response to this challenge.”

Finland and Sweden’s NATO application shows how much Russia has already lost

Garvan Walshe

“It is an essential British interest that Putin’s efforts to split Germany, France, and Italy from the front line states fails.”

Conservative MPs may not like to admit it, but radical planning reform is now a matter of survival for the Party 

Emily Carver

“Where do they think their next generation of voters will come from if people can’t afford to buy a home or start of family?”

The Northern Ireland Protocol. The options boil down to hoping the EU backs off…or offering it a new deal. 

Paul Goodman

“The Government could dangle before the EU another gain it wants in order to win a revised Protocol.”

Candidate selection. Yes, mistakes are obvious. But the balance between CCHQ and local parties isn’t too bad.

William Atkinson

“The Leader of the House of Commons should be wary of writing off a system that, apart from a few high-profile cases, hasn’t done too badly.”

Victory in Harrow demonstrates a willingness among British Indians to vote Conservative 

Andrew Gimson

“The subject has not yet been sufficiently studied, but there is clearly an affinity between the Hindu ethic and the spirit of conservatism.”