The beginning of the end for Johnson?

Paul Goodman

“He is a Gulliver tied down by Lilluputian ropes. The figures scampering about his mighty frame grow bolder – tweaking a cord here, tightening a knot there”

Why the Government might pass a special law to override the Northern Irish Protocol

Henry Hill

“London has set a pattern for big talk and no action, but that this seems a hostile leak may be grounds to take it seriously.”

Del Boys Shapps’ videos are vulgar, tasteless, bizarre – and brilliant. 

William Atkinson

“If it takes a minister looking a prat on YouTube for voters to notice helpful policies, then all to the good.”

In the local elections, choose a better deal for your area – vote Conservative 

Oliver Dowden MP

“Across the country, our local authorities deliver better outcomes without the inflated tax rates imposed by Labour, the Lib Dems, and the SNP.”

Biden looks like he’s lost control, and Democrats will pay the price

Ben Roback

“Both the mid-terms and the 2024 presidential race increasingly look like uphill struggles for the incumbent party.”

Politicians, not officials, are responsible for judging whether the Prime Minister’s behaviour is acceptable 

Andrew Gimson 

“Our political constitution rightly puts our representatives, not the permanent bureaucracy, in the driving seat.”

Councils should not be expected to agree to renewable energy at any cost

Judy Terry 

“A proposed solar farm in Suffolk would do great harm to the landscape. It has met with justified opposition.”

Putin’s war casts a bright, cold light on a new geopolitical era

Dr John C. Hulsman

“Whilst the Western powers are united and re-arming, major regional players are refusing to follow their lead.”

Rees-Mogg vs Sir Humphrey. The Minister for Efficiency is right to tackle Whitehall’s working from home habit. 

William Atkinson 

“That only 31 per cent of Foreign Office officials are venturing in to work whilst there is a war in Ukraine should be an object of serious concern.”

The Online Smarms Bill 

Paul Goodman 

“Prepare for flowery compliments to the movers of badly thought-through amendments – to help keep this problematic measure on track.”