The circumstances in which Johnson would have to go

Paul Goodman

“I can’t see that it would be proportionate for him to quit because he didn’t boycott a surprise birthday party”

You haven’t been bullied because you think you’ve been bullied

Henry Hill

“Allegations against Gove highlight once again how hazy understandings of the term have become.”

Why politics needs rich people

William Atkinson

“It should not be easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle than for a wealthy man to go into Parliament.”

How our deal with Rwanda will help curb deadly Channel crossings

Priti Patel MP

“This partnership is a world first and will change the way we collectively tackle illegal migration.”

Partygate proves that Johnson is past his political sell-by date

Sarah Ingham

“Perhaps firefighting this crisis is easier than tackling the many serious problems facing the nation.”

Why the hell, Le Pen asks, should French voters be less free than the British?

Andrew Gimson 

“They find themselves wondering what place their nation has within the European union, and in dealing with Putin.”

The Government should address the implications of pursuing Net Zero

Sanjoy Sen

“Managing costs, appeasing consumers, and diversifying our energy supply are all crucial to ensuring the target can be met with voters’ contempt.”

Imran Khan’s fall shows how far Pakistan’s democracy has revived. But will the recovery last?

Garvan Walshe

“The country’s institutions have done a reasonable job of mediating disputes – and bringing about change without violence.”

Slowly but surely, Labour is moving towards a position on trans that isn’t open to ridicule 

William Atkinson 

“Whilst he may have struggled over the specifics of women and their genitalia, Starmer is conscious that Labour must square the voters on this issue.”

The Government’s critics over small boats. Plenty of opportunism, no convincing alternatives. 

Paul Goodman 

“Never forget: these applicant for asylum are coming from a European country that is already a safe haven.”