ConservativeHome will only be publishing six days a week. On Saturdays, we shall instead present a round-up of ten of our best articles from the preceding week.

How Sunak didn’t rise to the occasion at at time of national crisis 

Paul Goodman

“My instinct last week was that he tried too hard to please the Tory press. Nothing’s that’s happened since has suggested otherwise.”

Future legislation will make it clear that controversial IRA ‘comfort letters’ have no basis in law

Henry Hill

“The move would mark a long-overdue end to “a grubby, behind-closed-doors deal with people linked to scores of terrorist atrocities.””

Tory wars over climate change. The Conservative Environment Network v the Net Zero Scrutiny Group 

William Atkinson

“One MP compared the hold of the CEN over Conservative MPs to the Sparrows from Game of Thrones.”

Skills, schools, and families are my focus as I carry forward our proud legacy of reform 

Nadhim Zahawi MP

“My Conservative predecessors have made it possible to achieve the best education system in the world.”

Fukuyama has written a disgraceful, third-rate book, as naive as his essay about the end of history

Andrew Gimson 

“He is a liberal on the run, never stopping for long enough in one place to be pinned down, but soaring instead into the higher platitudes.”

If we hold out to Russians the promise of a free society, we must believe in it ourselves 

Daniel Hannan

“War is a collective endeavour, but let’s not pretend that banning Swan Lake is anything other than performative tribalism.”

It’s ridiculous that so many politicians can’t answer the question ‘What is a woman?’ 

Emily Carver 

“It’s clear that in key areas, women’s and transgender rights are in conflict. It’s time that the GovernAment stop denying biology.”

The Spring Statement. Has it made voters think that Sunak is “just another Tory”? 

James Frayne 

“The Government may have begun to address the cost of living crisis, but the public believe that it has done nowhere near enough.”

Sunak must follow the Spring Statement with more support for small businesses 

Duncan Baker MP

“Closer engagement between government and the sector is vital to ensure we deliver the policies they need most.”

Replacing Council Tax could be a political goldmine for Johnson – or Starmer. 

Andrew Dixon 

“Polling suggests changing this unpopular levy for a flat rate charge based on property values could be hugely popular.