About third or so of respondents are satisfied and a third dissastified with the Sping Statement.  Not much to choose between those percentages, which are almsot exactly the same.

What swings the finding overall is the proportions that are very satisfied and very dissatisfied. For the former, we have five per cent.  For the latter, 24 per cent – in other words, about a quarter of the panel.

The survey didn’t probe the basis of dissatisfaction – a matter it may return to – but only a small proportion of respondents will want higher taxes and more borrowing.

Larger ones will want, variously, lower taxes and more borrowing or lower taxes and less borrowing.

Meanwhile, criticisms of the Government over Conservative ties to oligarchs, the speed of sanctions, and Ministers’ response to the needs of Ukrainian refugees have made almost no impact on the panel.

A puny six per cent of it is either dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with Boris Johnson’s handling of Russia’s recent invasion of Ukraine.

Fifty-eight per cent are very satistied and 35 per cent satisfied: that’s a 93 per cent approval rating overall.  The Prime Minister has been performing poorly recently in our monthly Cabinet League Table.

We will find out tomorrow what this month’s brings.