ConservativeHome will only be publishing six days a week. On Saturdays, we shall instead present a round-up of ten of our best articles from the preceding week.

What Ukrainians think about the war, Putin, Russia, NATO, Europe – and Britain. A remarkable poll from Kiev.

Lord Ashcroft

“The only country that a majority of respondents thought is doing enough to help them is Britain.”

Johnson proclaimed a more generous attitude to Ukrainian refugees: Patel and Gove will have to make it work

Andrew Gimson

“People in Britain see the horrendous sufferings of the Ukrainian people and want to help now, not in six months’ time.”

Merkel’s legacy. Ukraine’s invasion has exposed years of self-deception and wishful thinking in Berlin.

Andrew Gimson

“Schröder and Merkel long insisted Putin was a trustworthy partner, but Germany under Scholz has now been forced to take the side of freedom.”

Ministers should continue to resist siren calls for a no-fly zone

John Baron MP

“It is also essential that the international community works to find an exit from this conflict that is acceptable for all sides.”

Public opinion and Putin’s war. At present, solid for sanctions. But what will happen when effects are felt here?

James Frayne

“In the event of higher bills and a protracted conflict, polls that indicate a potential softening of support may understate it.”

Now the Government must tear up the Integrated Review, start again – and boost the army

Mark Francois MP

“The conventional war on the Central European landmass unfolding before us is a massive international event – comparable in security terms to a 9/11.”

How the Government could help workers buy homes, build families, and save for retirement

Henry Hill

“A pleasant fantasy about a policy programme directed at interests other than those of retired asset-holders.”

Scrap the tax rise, reform planning, and get fracking to ease the cost-of-living crisis

Emily Carver

“Ministers must be prepared to use the Conservatives’ big majority, or there is no point having won it.”

Britain’s baby bust and what to do about it

James Boyd-Wallis

“Ministers must be prepared to use the Conservatives’ big majority, or there is no point having won it.”

The Home Office must stop profiteering off Commonwealth and Gurkha military families

Andrew Yong

“There is no excuse for fees having ballooned so far in excess of what it costs the State to process an application.”