ConservativeHome will only be publishing six days a week. On Saturdays, we shall instead present a round-up of ten of our best articles from the preceding week.

Sunak’s mini-Budget. A response to war and poverty? Or a reaction to criticism over tax?

Paul Goodman

“Many of the measures in the statement were welcome. But is the Chancellor too easily spooked by his critics on the Right?”

The Government should explain why it changed its mind on the Zaghari-Ratcliffe ransom

Henry Hill

“The decision to drop an approach maintained by both parties since 1979 could put British nationals overseas at risk.”

Sunak’s Budget which isn’t a Budget but will be a Budget – for a cost of living crisis unprecedented in recent times

Paul Goodman

“Pandemic and war, like two horsemen of the Apocalypse, leave the Chancellor scrabbling for a response.”

The proposed restructuring of Number Ten risks mistaking a personnel problem for a structural one

Nikki da Costa

“For Johnson to discuss decisions bilaterally with ministers on WhatsApp without telling anyone and regularly backtrack undermines his own office.”

To counter China and Russia effectively, Biden should form a trading alliance, not just a security one.

Stephen Booth

“Closer co-ordination and liberalisation between like-minded allies could reduce dependencies and increase security of supply.”

This week’s NATO summit must be used to speed Russia’s defeat

Alicia Kearns MP

“We have a legal duty to intervene if chemical weapons are used, and that is a duty we must not fail.”

What if Putin opts to use tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine?

Allan Mallinson

“In the public imagination, his vague nuclear threats suggest intercontinental strikes against western cities. But suppose they mean something else.”

The BBC is our greatest weapon against Russian disinformation in the Balkans

Arminka Helic

“We must not give the Kremlin’s propaganda outlets free reign to sow distrust and undermine the West.”

The government should be proud, not scared, of the UK’s market for cannabis products

Steve Moore

“We have the chance to become the world-leader in cannabis product research and innovation – if ministers can suspend their natural caution.”

Sunak must mount a three-pronged attack to skewer the loan sharks

Joe Shalam

“Without swift action, the cost-of-living crisis risks driving even more vulnerable people into the hands of criminal lenders.”