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Badenoch, Visibly Conservative

Paul Goodman

“The Government gains from her making a Tory case on disparities, which too few of her colleagues are willing to do.”

Saj of all trades grasps at NHS reform with one hand, as his other grapples with the Covid backlog

Henry Hill

“The Health Secretary knows voters are unlikely to back the Tories in 2024 in gratitude for getting Ukraine right.”

Zaghari-Ratcliffe. Is the cost of her freedom too high?

William Atkinson

“This move also stems from the primary objective of post-war British foreign policy: keeping in with the Americans.”

Putin should be in no doubt that any escalation will meet a robust response

Ben Wallace MP

“Europe and the US will not repeat mistakes we made the invasion of Crimea. We will stand united, and he would be unwise to test us.”

How we’re clearing the Covid backlog in our courts

James Cartlidge MP

“Today’s announcement will bring total taxpayer funding for criminal defence to £1.2 billion a year, the largest amount for a decade.”

How we will narrow the ground for barring harmful posts in the Online Safety Bill

Nadine Dorries MP

“And I have every intention of further improving the requirements for platforms not to remove content from recognised media outlets.”

Russia’s Ukraine war. We must review our army cuts, reconsider fracking – and park Net Zero

Sarah Atherton MP

“It should remain a long-term aim but ensuring that we can generate the energy we need without a reliance on overseas sources should come first.”

The Ukraine Crisis. Has it saved Johnson’s bacon?

James Frayne

“Though it is early days, events in Ukraine may have reduced the public’s blame for the government for a decline in living standards.”

Higher Universal Credit, public sector pay, state pensions. And perhaps tax cuts. What Sunak should do next.

David Gauke

“If the war lasts a few years at most, the Chancellor can take the hit. If it’s a new normal that lasts for decades, the outlook is grim.”

Frost’s proposal to unlock the Protocol negotiations. Has London given Brussels reason to bite?

Henry Hill

“Taking Article 16 ‘off the table’ is only a tempting offer if the other side believes you’ll actually use it.”