There isn’t much to say about this month’s return, which went out on the first day of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Ben Wallace is up by three points and stays top. Liz Truss is down by the best part of ten points – not a very big drop, but it’s hard to understand the reason for it, under the circumstances. Steve Barclay moves to second having gained a reputation for connecting the Prime Minister with core Conservative values.

Boris Johnson himself is back in the black after three months in the red. There were signs that the panel’s exasperation with partygate was fading last month.  But though this month’s findings have found it fading further still, the Prime Minister receives no substantial vote of confidence.

Mark Spencer is back in positive ratings, too. There is a sense of the panel looking beyond the Government’s recent domestic paralysis, glimpsing a new and daunting international challenge, and soberly putting aside the bulk of its complaints, at least for the moment.