We are proud to present the next ConservativeHome Live online event, hosted in partnership with the ONE Campaign: Ending the pandemic: the role for Global Britain, featuring Vicky Ford MP, Minister for Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean and Dr Dan Poulter MP, Chair of the APPG on Global Health.

This free event will take place at 7pm on Monday 28th February, via Zoom.

Last month marked two years since the WHO officially declared COVID19 a pandemic. This health emergency has impacted both global health and the global economy. Whilst the UK seeks to move on to ‘life after COVID19’, this is not yet the case for billions of people around the world, in particular those in developing countries.

The emergence of Omicron showed us the impact that insufficient action in one region can have on all of us around the world. The UK played a key role in seeking an end to the pandemic by financing and developing the AstraZeneca vaccine, and initially leading the way on the global response to the pandemic, but further global leadership and support are now required to help developing nations and indeed everyone to be able to live with COVID19. The nature of that support ranges from vaccine dose sharing and logistics co-ordination, through to debt relief and financial measures. Against the backdrop of our G7 Presidency, and ahead of President Biden’s key summit on vaccine dose sharing later this year, the UK has an important opportunity to re-establish its global position by leading the response to this renewed challenge.

Ending the pandemic will not only have clear health benefits, but it will also help us to achieve the potential of Global Britain by restarting international travel, reviving local and regional economies, and unlocking trade around the world.

As ever, this event will be free to view, and we’ll be putting your questions to our panel.

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