As our editor explained yesterday, henceforth ConservativeHome will only be publishing six days a week. On Saturdays, we shall instead present a round-up of ten of our best articles from the preceding week.

We can’t even begin to come to terms with the implications of this war

Paul Goodman

“Is the British public remotedly prepared for possible cyber attacks aimed at our national infrastructure?”

Britain must be ready for a painful sanctions war with Russia

Henry Hill

“Control of important industries gives Putin scope to hit back. If he thinks he can endure the pain longer than we can, they will be a poor deterrent.”

Rhetoric from Ministers on a smaller state and curbing woke absurdities is welcome. When will policies match?

Harry Phibbs

A review of the NHS Quango, Health Education England, which has a £4.3 billion annual budget, would be a good start.

Here’s another reason for planning reform. Ministers won’t realise their post-Brexit and levelling up ambitions without it.

Ryan Bourne

“The system deters labour mobility, impedes cutting-edge logistics, constrains growing industries, and prevents businesses from repurposing quickly.”

Heath, Thatcher, Major, Blair – and the litany of errors that left us dependent on gas imports

Tony Lodge

“We must extract more domestic gas, stop importing more untaxed electricity – and turbo-charge new nuclear power.”

Our response to Augar. A new, fairer deal for students, universities and the taxpayer.

Michelle Donelan MP

“We are fulfilling our manifesto commitments on quality and on reducing student debt.”

Banning supermarket multi-deals will only worsen the cost-of-living crisis

Daniel Valentine

“Obesity is a complex problem, and squeezing low-income households with mandatory price hikes won’t solve it.”

O Canada! Truckers’ protest shows the True North is not so strong and free

Ben Roback

“How did a country renowned for politeness and moderation end up executing such an extraordinarily authoritarian response?”

Frost’s call for joined-up UK crisis response highlights split on Union strategy

Henry Hill

“His call for a stronger British state reflects the thinking of many Conservatives… but not, yet, the Government’s actual policy.”

There is no market argument for domestic fracking

Lewis Preston

“We aren’t sitting on an invisible shale gas store that we can turn the taps on for at a moment’s notice.”