Three of this month’s survey returns from our panel should help to determine how Party members currently view the Prime Minister.

The first was published yesterday morning: the panel’s take on “partygate”.  The second will be up on the site shortly: our latest Cabinet League Table.

Our next Tory Leader Survey also offers a clue, and will be published soon.  But the third result proper is this one: the Prime Minister’s Covid handling rating.

  • December 2021: 46 per cent.
  • November: 69 per cent.
  • October: 64 per cent.
  • September: 63 per cent.
  • August: 59 per cent.
  • July: 44 per cent.
  • June: 65 per cent.
  • May: 74 per cent.
  • April: 74 per cent.
  • March: 76 per cent.
  • February: 73 per cent.

I wrote in my assessment of last month’s survey that our panel’s view was moving in his favour as it became evident that Covid restrictions wouldn’t intensify.

This rating is a vote of confidence not so much in Johnson’s limited restrictions as in their near-abandonment altogether.

It’s his highest rating since he scored the same total in March – and represents a collective sigh of relief that the pandemic seems to be coming to an end.

Elsewhere, 80 per cent of the panel says that it supports Rishi Sunak’s economic plans made in response to the virus – up from 67 per cent last month.