Last month, our survey found that members’ opinions of Boris Johnson’s handling of the pandemic were on the mend. After dipping briefly into net-negative territory – likely thanks to the ‘pingdemic’ and his decision to use, then abandon, the special get-out-of-self-isolating pilot – he was back at a respectable 59 per cent.

Our latest results show another small increase, with just under two thirds of respondents agreeing with the proposition that the Prime Minister is “dealing with Covid-19 well”.

This stabilisation may simply be down to the fact that the news cycle now has a distinctly ‘post-Covid’ feel to it. Today’s front pages are dominated by the fuel crisis and the police crisis, both of which have pandemic dimensions but neither of which is a pandemic story.

More widely, pretty much everything has re-opened. There is no sign yet of vaccine passports. We have not yet seen a serious spike in deaths.Given that earlier this year we were being told that normality was years away, it perhaps isn’t surprising that a big chunk of the membership are broadly prepared to give Johnson’s record the nod.

The big question is whether or not this view will hold if there’s a winter crisis (that word again) leads ministers to start reintroducing more onerous restrictions, something goes wrong with schools, or normal life is otherwise seriously disrupted.