Yesterday we reported that Boris Johnson’s Covid rating remains stable, with 64 per cent of our panelists saying they think the Prime Minister is handling the pandemic well.

We asked our members the same question of the Government as a whole. Its rating is higher than the Prime Minister’s – with 66.36 per cent of respondents answering “I believe the Government as a whole is dealing with Covid-19 well”.

On the other hand, 27.62 per cent of respondents said the Government is dealing with Covid badly, and 6.02 per cent don’t know.

As is the case with Johnson, this rating could change significantly as we head into challenging winter months. There’s already been a lot of discussion around how the UK can cope with a “twindemic” of flu and Covid, and calls on the Government to unleash its “Plan B”. Whether this rating goes up and down is highly contingent upon the success of the vaccine booster programme.