This is a companion item to that published earlier today – namely, our monthly Cabinet League Table, in which Boris Johnson fell by 36 points to 3.4 – just enough to keep him out of the red.

We make the point once again: the same panel gave him that score as awarded him a 93 per cent rating in the wake of the last general election…and dumped him in negative ratings last October.

This is his third lowest score since we started asking the question in March 2020.  The survey went out just before last weekend, so preceding the recent fall in Covid cases.

It’s possible that the Prime Minister’s rating has recovered a bit since, but his and Rishi Sunak’s original unwillingess to self-isolate during the “pingdemic’, and the handling of opening-up itself, will have knocked a fair bit off his score.

Lockdown opponents want all restrictions ended and zero Coviders want them all kept – or most of them, anyway.  Then there is the prospect of vaccine passports. The Conservative slippage in the opinion polls is echoed in these findings.

Elsewhere in the survey, 78 per cent of those polled said that they support the Chancellor’s plans.  That’s a healthy total – but the lowest proportion nonetheless since last November, when the Government was stuck pre-vaccines between locking down and opening up.

Here are the Prime Minister’s previous scores.

  • June 2021: 65 per cent.
  • May 2021: 74 per cent.
  • April 2021: 75 per cent.
  • March 2021: 74 per cent.
  • February 2021: 74 per cent.
  • January 2021: 65 per cent.
  • December 2020: 45 per cent.
  • November 2020: 37 per cent.
  • October 2020: 42 per cent.
  • September 2020: 30 per cent.
  • August 2020: 49 per cent.
  • July 2020: 61 per cent.
  • June 2020: 64 per cent.
  • May 2020: 72 per cent.
  • April 2020: 84 per cent,
  • March 2020: 92 per cent.