The results of our survey are in – as ever, thank you to our readers for participating. Your answers are always invaluable.

After last week in which the nation watched in shock – or awe – as Dominic Cummings’ tore into the Government’s record on Coronavirus, what lasting impression has it made on Conservative members (who constitute 82 per cent of our respondents)?

Well, 52 per cent say that “Cummings’ critique of the Government’s handling of Covid is essentially wrong”; 11 per cent think his critique is “essentially right, and Boris Johnson should consider his position”, and 28 per cent think “Cummings’ critique of the Government’s handling of Covid is essentially right, but Boris Johnson should not consider his position.”

In short, the Government seems to have “won” the battle of hearts and minds.

Is this the vaccine bounce? Even if respondents think Cummings is “right” they are forgiving. Is this a British public that is fed up of Downing Street bad news – and wants to hear more about, say, the holiday green list? One suspects it’s a mixture.

Cummings’ result makes sense in the context of ConHome’s other surveys. In December last year, almost three in five party members backed Johnson’s decision “to remove Dominic Cummings as his Chief Adviser”, and earlier this month, a majority said they believed Cummings “was an asset to the Government, but it’s not regrettable that he’s no longer in place.”

So the Government can be reassured, at least, for now that it has considerable support from Conservative Party members.

Stay tuned for more survey results this week – as ever, they are insightful indeed.