Here is a list of Rishi Sunak’s previous monthly ratings in the table as Chancellor: 93 per cent, 92 per cent, 92 per cent, 85 per cent, 83 per cent, 82 per cent, 82 per cent, 75 per cent, 80 per cent, 82 per cent, 95 per cent and 65 per cent.

So his post-Budget score above is both very positive – he holds his place at second – while being his lowest since before the pandemic broke.

All of which suggests that this week’s package has gone down well with Party activists, on the whole: we will publish the response to our Budget question in the survey tomorrow.

Elsewhere, the table is a mix of ups and downs, in the wake of January’s “vaccine bounce” and December’s “Brexit bounce.  Liz Truss is top for the fourth month running.

David Frost shoots straight in at fourth, just as Kwasi Kwarteng did last month.  On the negative side, Michael Gove is down by ten points and five places, which we put down to Oliver Lewis’ resignation, and the reporting of their positions on Scotland.

On the positive side, Matt Hancock is up by nine points and two places – bolstered by the vaccine success, we believe, and a sense that the worst of Covid is over (which we hope is correct).

His post-pandemic ratings have been what football commentators call, when a football player is booked, “taking one for the team”. Boris Johnson’s score barely registers a flicker: he’s up one point since last month and seventh, as he was then.