The Prime Minister’s ratings for dealing with the pandemic started very high, fell as lockdown continued and deaths rose, fell further when the rule of six and a tirering system were introduced, bumped along during the second lockdown and new tiering…and have risen during this third lockdown as the vaccine programme has kicked in.

His 74 per cent rating this month is his highest since last April – and his third highest score overall.  As readers will have seen on Friday, it has not been accompanied by a similar rise in our Cabinet League Table, where he’s up one point since last month and seventh, as he was then.

For the record, his scores for each month since and including last March have been: 92 per cent, 84 per cent, 72 per cent, 64 per cent, 61 per cent, 49 per cent, 30 per cent, 42 per cent, 37 per cent, 45 per cent and 65 per cent.

And here are Rishi Sunak’s scores: 91 per cent, 91 per cent, 87 per cent, 88 per cent, 82 per cent, 84 per cent, 85 per cent, 83 per cent, 77 per cent, 80 per cent, 84 per cent…and 80 per cent this month post-Budget.  That’s his second lowest score tied with December’s, but this is very much a matter of degree.

After all, 80 per cent is a very positive rating – and seven of his other 12 scores are in the low to mid-80s, so this finding can scarcely be argued to represent a dramatic post-Budget collapse.