Here are the Prime Minister’s monthly positive ratings since we first put this question to the panel in March:

  • December: 44 per cent.
  • November: 37 per cent.
  • October: 42 per cent.
  • September: 30 per cent.
  • August: 49 per cent.
  • July: 61 per cent.
  • June: 64 per cent.
  • May: 72 per cent.
  • April: 84 per cent.
  • March: 92 per cent.

They show his score falling in each month bar two, and that it hasn’t cleared 50 per cent for six months – until now.

He will have gained from this month’s survey taking place during the current row over the EU’s clueless handling of its vaccines policy.  But we suspect that this factor is marginal to the main one; by contrast, the Government’s own deft management of the same issue.

It has clearly outweighed the frustration that nearly all respondents, and the anger that some of them, will feel over the current lockdown.

The Government’s net plus score is 61 per cent [see graphic below].  Eighty-one per cent support Rishi Sunak’s economic plans in response to the virus, 13 per cent oppose them, five per cent don’t know.