Here is our members’ panel retrospective on the departure of Dominic Cummings.

Strictly speaking, the Prime Minister’s former Chief Adviser resigned, and wasn’t dismissed.  Indeed, he may still be in place, since it was briefed that he would leave government mid-December.

But Boris Johnson clearly wanted Cummings out early, and had the latter not faced the prospect of gradually being shifted to the margins of Downing Street he would surely not have quit – at least, not yet.

Just under three in ten is a significant minority, and doubtless reflects a recognition of Cummings’ role in helping to achieve last year’s election victory, Brexit, and a breakthrough among poorer provincial voters.  Plus unease about what will happen next.

Nonetheless, almost three in five back Johnson’s decision, and that’s a comfortable majority.  What proportion of these simply support the leader and how many disapprove of Cummings iconoclasm it is impossible to say.

Thirteen per cent don’t know.