Last month, those totals were 37 per cent, 52 per cent and 11 per cent respectively.  Now, only marginally more panel members think that the Prime Minister is dealing with Covid badly than well.

Furthermore, there has been a shift in their view over time against lockdowns and restrictions.  So what is going on?

You will find out more later this week when we publish more results from the survey – but in the meantime here is our take, for better or for worse.

We wrote recently that the arrival of vaccines, the emergence of a more contagious Coronavirus variant, and Sweden’s struggle with a “second wave” will have persuaded some Conservative MPs that there is now no alternative to the Government’s strategy.

Our guess is that a section of the panel is now thinking in that kind of way.

There doesn’t seem to be any other convincing explanation in a month during which restrictions have generally tightened.  That our survey went out in the wake of the UK and the EU securing a Brexit trade deal may also have had some marginal impact.

The figures for the Government as a whole are 48 per cent, 45 per cent and seven per cent.  80 per cent say that they support the measures that Rishi Sunak is taking.

That’s the first time that Ministers’ collective rating has been in the black since August, and that Johnson’s own is slightly lower will reflect greater doubts about his own focus.