Graham Brady has established himself this year, by projecting a dissenting position from the Government on Covid strategy, almost as a kind of leader of the internal opposition – an usual position for the Chairman of the 1922 Executive Committee to find himself in.

So it is perhaps unsurprising that Brady, who is also a bit of a spokesman both for constitutional and party norms and niceties, has topped this section of the poll, with Dehenna Davison coming a very creditable second among the named options

We try to strike a balance between a  write-in, which would be in danger of degenerating into a name recall exercise, and not allowing any alternatives at all to the names we eventually settle on.

So we reproduce below a wordcloud of the names that panel members wrote in themselves.  Steve Baker got 22 mentions, Jeremy Hunt 13, John Redwood nine and Ben Bradley eight.

That gives you the rough flavour of it: certainly, none of the write-ins came anywhere close to Brady’s total, or indeed overtook any of the named candidates.