With a resounding 50.34 per cent of the vote, the Brexit Trade Deal wins our panelists’ choice for “best Government moment” in our end of year survey. After a long year of negotiations, and what looked like the UK edging towards No Deal at many points, David Frost and his team, as well as Boris Johnson, have delivered on arguably the hardest one of the Conservatives’ election pledges.

The second most popular Government moment was “Obtaining 350 million doses of the vaccine”. It’s easy to forget now, but the Government’s decision to order this amount was a massive gamble at the time, as there hasn’t been a successful vaccine for SARS and MERS, which come from the same Coronavirus family, and even 50 per cent efficacy was thought of a difficult target. With the news of Oxford’s jab, along with Pfizer’s, it’s another end of year success story.

When asked to rate the “worst Government moment”, Dominic Cummings’ road trip to Barnard Castle comes in top with 39.33 per cent of the vote. Clearly his explanation for the journey in Downing Street’s rose garden did not wow our panelists, nor were they impressed about the Government moving the country into Tiers Three and Four over Christmas, thereby cancelling many people’s plans. Perhaps with trade deal and vaccine news, however, these will soon be distant memories of an annus horribilis.