The ToryDiary below was published on this site earlier this week.

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This is a morning in which to celebrate unifying, popular, national leadership – and politicians who bring people together rather than divide them.

It is in that spirit that we draw our readers’ attention to Rishi Sunak, the most popular politician in the country, and the man who now consistently tops our regular ConservativeHome Cabinet League Table.

How has he managed it, what happens next – and who is he? Later this week, I will be trying to find out as I join Lord Ashcroft, ConservativeHome’s proprietor, for the launch of his new book – a biography of the Chancellor: Going for Broke.

You are also invited to this live Zoom event, during which “Lord Ashcroft will give an exclusive insight into his study of the Chancellor’s life, and answer questions submitted by you, the viewers”.

So please do register via the link below for your free ticket as we explore the story of “a super-bright and hard-grafting son of immigrant parents who marries an Indian heiress and makes a fortune of his own…

…a polished urban southerner who wins over the voters of rural North Yorkshire…

…and a cautious, fiscally conservative financier who has become the biggest-spending Chancellor in history”.

Here is the link to the registration page for the event, which will take place this Thursday, November 12, at 19.00.

The second extract from the Mail on Sunday‘s serialisation of Going for Broke is published today.