It’s housing day at the Conservative Party conference – with Robert Jenrick and his ministerial team leading an interactive event in the main virtual auditorium at 13.30, which will cover local government and other departmental responsibilities too.

The Prime Minister teed policy debate up yesterday with his trailing of a new long-term fixed-rate mortgages plan to encourage higher home ownership among young people.  But his flagship plan for housing will be contained in the forthcoming Bill on planning reforms.

The centrepiece of these is top-down housing targets for local authorities – which has provoked six pieces by MPs and others on this site since the start of September, and seized the attention of Tory-held councils and Conservative councillors in England.

Our survey finding reflects the differences and arguments that have gone back and forth on ConHome.  Forty-six per cent of our survey respondents back the plans.  Forty per cent don’t.  Fourteen per cent are don’t knows – a relatively high number for this section.

Everything we’ve seen on this site, the Commons chamber and the media suggests that these plans will get a rough ride from Tory backbenchers and local councillors, particularly in greenfield-rich seats outside cities in the south and the midlands.