In March of this year, 92 per cent of ConservativeHome panel members said that they believed that Boris Johnson was dealing with Covid-19 well.

His rating then slipped to 84 per cent in April; to 72 per cent in June, to 59 per cent in July – and now to 48 per cent.

What’s driving this fall to a satisfaction rate of lower than half?  Dissatisfaction with policy mess-ups, such as Coronavirus App?  Bewilderment at changing social distancing rules?  The schools results fiasco?  Maybe the most simple explanation of all – voter fatigue?

Your guess is as good as ours.  At 46 per cent, the overall Government satisfaction rate is little different.

It follows 92 per cent, 82 per cent and 71 per cent.  Rishi Sunak’s positive rating is 82 per cent – the same in effect as his 81 per cent last month.