Among our panel, there is erosion of support for the speed at which the lockdown is being eased, and an accumulation of backing for a faster pace.

The corresponding figures in last month’s special lockdown survery were nine – 55 – 33.  So the proportion backing the Government has fallen to almost exactly half the panel.

Similarly, seven per cent back a strict shutdown along the lines of the one that has been lifted; 46 per cent support the Government’s South Korea-type test and trace policy, and 44 per cent “a less restrictive Swedish-style lockdown that stresses voluntary-style social distancing”.

Last month, those figures were 10 – 54 – 33.  Mind you, it could now be argued that, with further lockdown restrictions due to be lifted, the Government’s policy now contains elements of Sweden as well as South Korea in the mix.

Finally in this section, 36 per cent of the panel agrees that the “sacrifices that younger and healthier people are being called to make on behalf of older and vulnerable ones are disproportionate, and Government policy is stressing the interests of the latter at the expense of the former”.  Fifty-nine per cent disagree.

Last month, those figures were 36 per cent and 55 per cent – so not much change there.  Overall, the panel is reflecting how people are behaving.  With the NHS apparently out of danger, and daily cases in decline, the fear factor is clearly falling – at least, if one’s measure is how people are behaving rather than what they tell pollsters.