After another month compounded by Covid-19, including the furious row over Dominic Cummings, there has been a sense that the Government has lost the ‘rally round the flag’ effect. What does our League Table tell us?

In summary, scores are down, and some individuals have seen particularly sharp falls in their month-on-month support, but overall numbers are still pretty healthy – we don’t see anyone with a negative score.

  • Johnson falls by 20 points. It’s a steep slide for the Prime Minister, who sees his net positive ranking slide from +83 to +63 in one month and loses his place on the podium. This beats his previous low score as Prime Minister, from September, by six points.
  • Sunak still soaring… The Chancellor appears to have escaped the general deflation in the Cabinet’s ranking, posting another score north of 90 per cent approval.
  • …as Gove hovers… His score is down by only five points, which sees him overtake Johnson to take the silver-medal position in our rankings.
  • …and Raab ‘falls with style’. The Foreign Secretary’s score is down ten points, but the Prime Minister’s dive sees him stay in the top three. Does this reflect members’ views of his handling of Hong Kong?
  • Patel slips. Last month, the Home Secretary was in seventh place. This month, after a 12-point fall in her score, she’s in 14th position. Is the row over quarantine a factor?
  • Hancock holds steady. The Health Secretary’s score falls by a similar amount, 13 points, but he manages to hold on to his position in fifth place.
  • Carlaw’s collapse. Amongst the minority of respondents who have a view on the Scottish leader, his net approval has halved from +23 to +11. His colleagues are reportedly angry at his handling of the Cummings row.