There is a slide in support for the Government’s handling of the Coronavirus among our panel members.

In our March survey, 92 per cent of them said that they believed Boris Johnson and the Government were dealing with Covid-19 well.  And 92 per cent of them supported Rishi Sunak’s plans.

In April, backing for the Prime Minister’s handling of the virus was lower at 84 per cent and the Government’s at 82 per cent.  The Chancellor’s score dropped by a single point, which is statistically of no significance.

This month, Johnson comes in at 72 per cent, the Government at 71 per cent and Sunak at a scarcely-untouched 87 per cent.

The drop roughly parallels the polling fall in confidence among the general public.  The difference is that both the starting-point two months ago and the support level now are much higher.

A seven out of ten rating is healthy, but let’s see what happens next.