We’re another month into the Covid-19 crisis, and with no end in sight. So as the Prime Minister gears up for his first PMQs against Sir Keir Starmer today, how are the Cabinet’s ratings holding up?

  • Sunak still soaring. It’s another exceptional month for the Chancellor, who drops fewer than two points and remains above +93. Of course our survey predated this morning’s news about ‘weaning’ the nation off furlough – will he be able to stick the landing?
  • Johnson slips a little. The Prime Minister is still in second place, and is the only Cabinet member besides Sunak to have a score north of 80. But he’s lost six points, almost doubling the gap between himself and the Chancellor.
  • Raab rises. The Foreign Secretary, by contrast, sees another small increase in his net favourable rating which sees him back in medal position – the membership clearly thinks he acquitted himself respectably when deputising for the Prime Minister.
  • Hancock falls back… Last month saw the Health Secretary rocket up the rankings with a month-on-month increase of more than 20 points. Yet this month he slips back 13, to a still-respectable +75, and fifth place. Did the testing story damage him?
  • …an so does Patel. Another to see a substantial fall in her ratings was the Home Secretary, who slips 16 points from the mid-70s to the high 50s. She has faced criticisms for keeping too low a profile, and for ‘stumbling’ over case figures at a press conference.
  • Overall, ratings are somewhat down. This may be the unwinding of the ‘rally round the flag’ effect which saw an overall increase in ministers’ scores last month.