Last month, the percentage of the panel which believes that younger and healthier people are making disproportionate sacrifices was 13 per cent.

It has more than doubled this month to 29 per cent.

And the percentage thinking that the sacrifices are not disproportionate has fallen from 82 per cent to 63 per cent.

That 29 per cent is a similar slice of the poll to the 31 per cent that we reported yesterday want “the Government to follow an approach similar to Sweden, with a less restrictive lockdown that stresses voluntary social distancing”.

It reinforces a picture, if not of growing opposition to the present lockdown from a significant slice of Conservative Party members, then certainly of opposition that has grown since last month.

Contributory factors will be: concern about the condition of the economy; worries about other healthcare outcomes; unhappiness about wider shutdown effects; less fear of the Coronavirus than a month ago, with spare NHS capacity being widely noted; opposition to the lockdown in media they consume, such as the Daily Telegraph, together with claims that countries with looser shutdowns are “doing better”; claims about the lethality of the virus; boredom with the lockdown.

None the less, neither 28 per cent nor 31 per cent is anything like a majority, and it follows that the remaining proportions either support the present shutdown, or want one that is even stricter.

What perhaps matters most, however, is the shift within the same panel in roughly four weeks.  We will put the question again next month and see what reply we get.