So almost half of Party members, if our survey is right, are in line with the party political consensus – that human activity is driving global warming.

Roughly a third believe that global warming is happening, but not that human activity is driving it.  They presumably place greater stress on the role of “natural forces such as the sun, cosmic rays, clouds and the oceans”, to quote Andrew Turnbull.

And one in ten think that global warming isn’t happening at all.

The percentage which says that human activity is driving global warming is a bit higher than this site expected; that saying that it isn’t a bit lower, and the proportion saying it isn’t happening a bit lower again.

Having said that, our sense is that Conservative MPs will be very roughly where our panel is – although we have to admit that we’ve no evidence for that.  But if roughly a third, say, believe that human activity doesn’t drive global warming we can add that much less than a third are vocal about it.