It’s the second Cabinet League Table of the year, and our first look at the new Government after the reshuffle. It hasn’t been the best of months for the Government news-wise, but what impact has this had on the scores?

  • Members stand by Patel. The Prime Minister has made a point of standing by the Home Secretary, and our respondents appear to have done the same. Her score is down, in line with the overall pattern, but she retains fourth position.
  • Overall a slight downward trend. There has been a slight fall in the scores at the top of the table, but the Heathrow defeat and storm over the allegations against Priti Patel hasn’t shown up.
  • Another poor month for the territorial offices. Simon Hart and Alister Jack remain near the bottom of the table, undercut only by Amanda Milling, the new Party Chairman. Brandon Lewis is not far above them.
  • Enter Carlaw. The interregnum is over, and the Scottish Conservatives have a new leader. Jackson Carlaw is currently less popular than Paul Davies, but has not yet had much of a chance to make an impression. Most members continue to take no view on either.