On Friday at 11pm, Britain will leave the European Union.  Over a mont has passed since the general election which effectively confirmed the decision.  It will take us all much longer to come to terms with the dizzying change it has brought, the best part of four years after endless Parliamentary efforts to evade the referendum instruction.  And to get used to the size and scale of Boris Johnson’s majority.  And to grasp fully that the three quarters of a century-long Conservative dispute over Europe is over, at least for the time being.  And to acclimatise ourselves to the landscape that Brexit opens up.

This week, we will be turning much of ConservativeHome over to telling the story of the past four years or so.  We will also be looking forward to Friday, and to the time beyond.  This site threw itself into campaigning for Brexit – finding itself last year in the unusual, and we hope never-to-be-repeated, position of not being able to recommend voting Conservative in a national election.  The year before we had called for the replacement of the then party leader.  These are happier times – the product of the most startling turnaround in British politics in living memory.  Welcome to Brexit Week.