“The future of the Sussexes condenses down to a single, simple point,” ConservativeHome wrote less than a week ago. “When it comes to being a working member of the Royal Family, one can’t be half in and half out.”

And so it will be, at least in this case.

The outline settlement setting out their future as non-working Royals has been briefed to today’s papers.  There is a brief statement from Buckingham Palace.  The couple will no longer represent the Queen.  They will not use their HRH titles.  They will not receive public funds.  They will pay back sovereign grant spending on Frogmore Cottage, and will pay a commercial rent on its upkeep.

Some public money will be spent on their security, which is right.  To what degree will the Prince of Wales help to oil the wheels of this deal?  He will reportedly continue to support the couple financially.

All this will have happened not because Buckingham Palace reads this site, but because it is the obvious solution.

We hope that it works out for all concerned, and wish the Duke and Duchess well.  The real significance of the decision may have less to do with them than seems to be the case.  For it sets out a pathway that future members of the Royal Family will be able to follow if they want to become non-working Royals.  As in the recent case of Prince Andrew, the Queen has acted swiftly and effectively.