There are many angles from which to view this result.  Jeremy Corbyn’s crashing defeat.  Boris Johnson’s sweeping victory.  Jo Swinson losing her seat.  The ambiguous impact of the Brexit Party.  The SNP’s fightback.

But the most telling one is the most simple.  In 2016, the British people voted for Brexit in record numbers, giving it the largest-ever democratic mandate in our electoral history.

And in 2017, they overwhelmingly backed the two main parties, both of whom pledged to “respect the result”.

Two years on, they have returned the same verdict for the third time.  The instruction is unambiguous.  The voters have responded to the Prime Minister’s call to Get It Done.

There are times when we believed it would never happen – that the Oliver Letwins and Hillary Benns and Jo Swinsons and Dominic Grieves would delay and procrastinate until Brexit receded permanently.

This result is thus less a Tory win, much though we welcome it, than a victory for democracy itself.

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