Theresa May pledges Brexit by March 29 over a hundred times but it doesn’t happen. DEFEAT.  She then promises it by April 12 but it doesn’t happen. DEFEAT.  She then says that she is not prepared to delay Brexit beyond the end of June but the end of June comes and it doesn’t happen. DEFEAT.  She has said that the European elections must not take place but they doDEFEAT. The Conservatives come fourth behind the Brexit Party, the Liberal Democrats and Labour with eight per cent. DEFEAT.  The Conservatives drop to about 20 per cent in the polls. DEFEAT.  May resigns and a leadership election takes places which Boris Johnson wins. VICTORY.  Johnson gets Parliament prorogued but is over-ruled by the Supreme Court. DEFEATThe Tory gang of 21 rebel and he loses his majority. DEFEAT. An extension is forced on him by the Benn Act. DEFEAT.  Which succeeds because he has lost control of the Commons timetable. DEFEAT.  Oliver Letwin and John Bercow have teed the Commons up for the Act. DEFEAT.  Johnson has commited to delivering Brexit by October 31 “do or die” but hasn’t. DEFEATHe seeks a general election and loses. DEFEATHe seeks it again and loses. DEFEAT.  His poll rating and the Conservatives’ goes up. WTF? He cuts a Brexit deal with Leo Varadkar. WTF? He presses for an election for a third time and the SNP plus the Liberal Democrats and then Labour let him have it. Ooops.  He wins the election by a landslide.  COMPLETE TOTAL AND UTTER VICTORY.