This is a pro-Brexit site read mostly by pro-Brexit people.  And the Conservatives are now an unambiguously pro-Brexit party.

Which may help to explain why Steve Baker has walked off with backbencher of the year. He came close at one point to serving again as a Minister under Boris Johnson, but it was not to be.

At any rate, he has been a major player both in the European Research Group and the so-called “Spartans” (revealed to the world on ConservativeHome here), and has thus been a significant force in shaping events.

For by opposing Theresa May’s Brexit deal, the Spartans helped to sink it; and by supporting Boris Johnson’s they helped to get it through Parliament before the election…a sign of things to come.

Tracey Crouch is a popular figure among her colleagues, evidenced by her recent proposal of the Queen’s Speech.  Graham Brady is one of the Conservative Party’s great survivors.

He is standing again for Chairman of the 1922 Committee’s Executive (the election is due in early January) and the body is an important one – playing a slow but sure role in the ousting of May earlier this year.

Collins is well-known Remainer-for-Johnson who backed the current Prime Minister in this year’s leadership election, but finds little support among Party members as presently constituted.

P.S: Baker has also published five pieces of advice to new MPs on this site.  At least four of them are worth taking very seriously indeed.

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