So the final two of the Speakership contest were the man with the most traditionalist record in the Chair (Hoyle), and the man with the most traditionalist manifesto for sitting in it (Bryant).

That says much about the decision that MPs took yesterday.  This Parliament has been excoriated over Brexit, not unfairly, but nothing becomes it like its ending.  By putting Hoyle and Bryant in the final round, it turned its back emphatically on the Bercow era.  The former won by 325 votes to 213.

Commiserations to Bryant, who ran an excellent campaign; and also to Eleanor Laing, the leading Conservative candidate, who came third.

And many congratulations to Hoyle, punted by ConservativeHome as Speaker as long ago as 2014.  He has somehow manage to survive our endorsement with his reputation intact.  “We’ve got to make sure that tarnish is polished away,” he said after his election this evening.  We’re hopeful that he will restore the Commons’ reputation.