It’s the last Cabinet League Table before the general election, and the Government’s scores are still holding up. In fact there has been an overall upward drift in the scores. There has been some change in the ordering, but overall activists are heading into the campaign with a high opinion of the Prime Minister and his ministers.

  • Johnson takes the gold. Last month the Prime Minister was ranked sixth, with a score of just below 70. Now he’s top of the table at 83 – perhaps getting credit for bringing back a Brexit deal which passed the Commons.
  • Javid in second. The Chancellor has led our table for months, and it doesn’t look as if Johnson’s rise has dented his standing as he holds on to second place.
  • Raab slips. It hasn’t been a good month for the Foreign Secretary, who has slipped from third place to eighth. Again this seems to be an artefact of the rising popularity of others rather than any fall in his standing.
  • Leavers dominate. Another point about Javid is that he’s one of only two Cabinet members who backed Remain in 2016 to make the top ten – and the other, Liz Truss, is tenth.