You don’t really get closer to unanimous than this in our surveys of Conservative Party members. In a snap survey of 1,181 members conducted on Friday 18th October, a huge 89.67 per cent of respondents said that MPs should vote for the Government’s proposed new Brexit deal.

For context, our surveys found that around 60 per cent of the panel voted leave. They had a wide range of preferences on possible forms of Brexit, with Canada Plus Plus Plus out in front followed by No Deal, but no option starting with an outright majority . In November 2018, 72 per cent were opposed to May’s draft deal. After Parliament’s shenanigans, however, 60 per cent were willing – however begrudgingly – to swallow the May deal by the end of March 2019. The leadership election (on which the panel was quite accurate) left them split as recently as last month on the question of whether the Withdrawal Agreement minus the backstop would be acceptable or not (43 per cent said yes, 49 per cent said no).

So you can see quite how remarkable it is that nine in ten say they want Boris Johnson’s proposed deal to pass. Hopefully MPs are listening.