We normally confine updates on ConservativeHome’s traffic and readership to an end-of-year update, but today marks a sufficiently remarkable milestone that it’s worth noting in itself.

After several years of repeatedly record-breaking readership figures, 2019 has exceeded even those past performances.

In the year to date, ConservativeHome has now had more unique readers (1,997,032) and more pageviews (over 15.9 million) than the site received in the whole of 2018 – that’s a full year’s traffic in a little over seven months.

We’re currently on 8,700,355 visits to the site, too, which is just 2.4 per cent shy of the entire 2018 total, so it seems that record will also be eclipsed soon.

That’s a huge credit to my colleagues, and all our columnists and contributors, but also to our readers – longstanding and newfound – for their continued interest in and support for ConservativeHome.

Thank you all.