Boris Johnson once said that his chances of being Prime Minister are “about as good as…my being reincarnated as an olive”.  Today, the new Conservative Party leader is due to take office as the former and for all we know will be transmogrified into the latter.  ConservativeHome has commissioned an illustration in honour of the occasion.

We welcomed him to hell yesterday, in the expectation that his Government will be brief, and that a general election will take place in the autumn.  This may turn out, like so many predictions, to be completely wrong.

At any rate, this is an awesome moment for the man who has wanted since childhood to be World King, or Great Anarch, or whatever it was, and we salute the Ozymandian scale of his ambition.  Today, Johnson walks with destiny – or at least trips over it, like a carpet, as he stumbles into the Queen’s presence.

Having endorsed him – on a wing and a prayer – this site wishes him and his ministry well.  He has pledged Brexit by October 31, “do or die”.  So he had better come back, as he likes to put it, with his shield or on it.

His premiership may be a triumph; more likely, a disaster; more likely still, it won’t last long.  But while it does, we can at least promise our readers this: there won’t be a dull moment.