We wrote earlier this week about the way in which the two-party electoral contest of 2017 is now a four-party one in 2019, at least for the moment – indeed, a five-way contest in Scotland.

This survey finding confirms both that Party members are mindful of it, and how consistent they can be as members of our panel.

At the start of June, 49.33 per cent of them said that the next Conservative leader should seek a pact with the Brexit Party, and 39.30 per cent opposed the idea.

This month, those figures are 49.93 per cent and 39.52 per cent: the dial has scarcely flickered.  (We don’t usually supply percentages in this detail, and do so simply to show the scale of non-change.)

Meanwhile, the finding last month for those wanting a pact with the Liberal Democrats was 94 per cent.  Five per cent were opposed.  This month, those figures are 93 per cent and four per cent.

That tiny change in the Brexit Party figure now allows us to write that half of Conservative Party members now want a pact.  To say that this is an extraordinary development is an understatement.