A gargantuan turnout of over 1500 ConservativeHome panel produces a record result.

We can’t remember a contender in our Next Tory Leader panel scooping 43 per cent of the total before.  But such is Boris Johnson’s score – up a full ten points from 33 per cent last month.

Almost nothing else matters.  Michael Gove stays on 12 per cent, but he moves into second place because Dominic Raab drops by five points, and so falls to third.

Rory Stewart is fourth, Steve Baker is fifth – but neither manages to get into double figures.  We kept the latter, plus Penny Mordaunt, in the survey because they may stand yet (though we think that’s unlikely).

All in all, Johnson is set to cakewalk this contest if his colleagues in the Commons put his name before the members.

During the next fortnight, we will finally discover whether or not they will.